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3 steps to starting your day off right:

  1. Express yourself! Wear your fun socks. Throw on your #S3tee. Wear what makes you comfortable.
  2. Bring business cards (and your phone). Don't miss this perfect opportunity to exchange info and gain some insta followers. πŸ˜‰
  3. Bring your laptop, tablet, phone. We're gonna get hands-on in these workshops. #LetsGetSocial!

8:15 opening


8:30 video marketing

Learn how to:

β€” make the most of each platform

β€” capture and keep the attention of your audience

β€” effectively edit a story

β€” build a quality content team


Explore why storytelling is so effective, and learn how to make the customer the focus of each piece of content (no matter its size) with Thomas Coiner.


9:15 iphone photography workshop

An expert photographer with an eye for marketing the skills and talents of her creative business clients, Laura Walker uses imagery and visual tools to guide clients in creating web and social media content and strategies that better visually market their businesses.

Take a hands-on approach to visual identity and social styling in this unique workshop. 


Coffee. Snacks. Bathroom. We've got what you need.

10:00 break

10:15 Evolution of Traditional Marketing

What began as a traditional marketing strategy focused on billboards and a slogan, β€œCall me, Alabama!” has turned into a unique multifaceted strategy spanning the entire Southeast.

Come to better understand how a personal injury law firm evolved his distinct traditional marketing strategy by integrating social media, driving the firm to even more success with Alexander Shunnarah.

alexander shunnarah

11:00 Paid Advertising Workshop

As a seasoned copywriter, Josh Rhodes, understands how to rapture the minds of prospects and turn them into qualified leads for any business.

Bring your computer, and get ready to learn as Josh walks us through the intricacies of creating our own successful Facebook ad campaign.


Eat up! We've still got a full day of adventuring ahead of us. 

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12:00 Lunch

Believe it or not, long form content can be incredibly valuable to a social media marketing strategy. Learn more about how your personal brand or business can benefit from blogging

Join founder of See Jane Write, a network for women writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, Javacia Harris Bowser, for Blogging to Brand-Building: The Basics. 

1:30 Blogging to brand-building

Currently the Social Media Content Manager for Spectrum Reach, Sara Sobolewski has a decade of experience working in media, and the majority of that time has been spent working on digital and social media platforms. 


Enjoy this session on creating, managing, and executing your content strategy!

2:15 Content Strategy


3:00 Break

Tweetin' time. Selfie stretch. Networking. You do you.

As co-founder of the Happenin's in the 'Ham website, Russell Hooks has extensive knowledge of what it means to be an Influencer, the different categories of Influencers, and the growing importance of Influencer Marketing! 

With a following of over 45,000, Russell will be able to share his experience of organically growing a following and then using that following to help local businesses grow their customer base.



3:15 Influencer Marketing

4:15 Panel

Join us as we learn from this incredible panel of fierce women taking the industry by storm: Jamie Golden of the Popcast, Ashley Naumoff from Shipt, Uma Srivastava from KultureCity, Katie Vogel from Church of the Highlands, and Anna Weissinger from Sociallyin.

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