Southern Social Summit

dedicated to exploring the science

and discovering the art behind social media marketing

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What to Expect

Experience a one-day serving of collaborative workshops, networking, and insight from the industry’s thought leaders!

Meet future partners, clients, and influencers.

Gain actionable steps to improve your social media presence.

Create lasting memories and relationships.


Experience. learn. network. grow.


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Who is it for?







Marketing Professionals

Social Media Nerds





Who's behind it?

Happenin's In The 'Ham

We love covering all things Birmingham! When we first met we didn't have a lot of money, so we would go to as many free or low-cost events as possible. As we fell in love with each other we also fell in love with Birmingham. Our goal is to help others fall in love with our city by sharing our Birmingham adventures and favorite local businesses on social media.

THE social media agency.

We are creatives, artists, designers, social butterflies, writers, photographers, strategists. More than anything, we are a curious group, always looking into the next thing. And we believe that’s the best way to be in this space. The only consistency we know is “change,” and that’s the only way we like it. So when it comes to our best work, it typically comes from collaborating with clients that share our focus and passion.


the reward for creating something truly original doesn’t come without the risks of trying something new.



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